2018…the year I learned to mind my own business.

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Showing Compassion towards our friends and loved ones.

The beginning of 2018 started promising like most years.

I made my usual new year resolutions which were to lose weight, to eat healthier and, to practice self-care.

I was so excited especially off the heels of my trip to the UK that previous October and moving on from a challenging emotional set back that summer.

I have always been the idealist in my circle of friends and having so much inspiration it is only natural for me to want to share it with those we love.

So I was that friend that always had that “level up” idea or advice for those that I felt at the time needed it.

As I think back on it I must have been a chore to be around; all that unsolicited advice and perceived judgment.

I started to received resistance from my friends and I couldn’t figure out why.

Things just really started to get awkward and I could just feel the emotional distance between us. I did some soul searching and I came to the realization that we stopped having a healthy friendship years ago.

We entered this codependency cycle that was leaving one ego bruised and another one bitter and resentful.

We like to think that we know what another person journey is all about.

We judge from the outside and think to ourselves if I could do it they could do it.

What we often lack is compassion to another person’s unique struggle and circumstances.

We take away a person’s dignity in their fight for perfection by trivializing their issues and through our own folly elevate ourselves as the poster child of success.

By not minding our business we draw a spotlight on our friends weakest moments.

Friendship should be about acceptance. Accepting people where they are in this moment of time.

So here on the cusp of 2019, my New Year resolution is to work on my goals, the things that will make me happy and Mind My Own Business.



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