How shapewear changed my life

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Using Shapewear to design the body we want.

Hello beauties. My name is Renée and i will like to welcome you to my new blog.  Here I will discuss all things beauty and wellness on my road to becoming the best version of myself. 

I am a working wife and mom of 2 beautiful children Star and Bri.  Life has been pretty busy, so much so that a few years back I realized that I had put on a ton of weight. I made a few major life changes which included going pescatarian and cutting out alot of unhealthy drinking and socializing which saved me money as well. 

I also started exercising at this point. I started off just walking around my local park. I can still remember feeling so awkward as lil old ladies rushed past me at a brisk pace. Thankfully I didn’t give up and I am currently down 40 pounds. Around this time after I went to an aerobics class i bought my first waist trainer. 

As soon as I put it on i instantly felt more confident. I had a waistline and let me tell you hunny you couldn’t tell me nothing.  My clothes never looked so good before.  I started to experiment with different styles of shapewear and it instantly open up new wordrobe options that I would have never even dare to wear.  I received all sorts of positive feed back and with that you will think that it would make me not care about exercising? Actually the opposite happened. It made me more determine to maintain my weight loss and my goal is to look just as good naked as I do with my shapewear on.

It is amazing how simple things like shapewear, a properly fitting bra and hope can become the catalyst for change. 

My waist went from 44 inches at my heaviest to 37 inches and I am still going down.

So if you ever thought about investing in some shapewear trust me it is one of those items you can’t put a price to. The benefits are just that great. 


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