Can You Be Pescatarian and Enjoy Keto’s Benefits?

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I am sure by now you have heard all the buzz surrounding the ketogenic diet (keto). Being a Pescatarian I was initially put off by all the images of the diet which contained lots of bacon, steak, chicken or other animal proteins. After doing research on the diet I discovered as a pescatarian I too could reap the benefits of this diet. I did keto along with Intermittent Fasting for most of 2017 and I absolutely loved the results. I lost 30 pounds and about 5 inches in my waist.

So what exactly is the Ketogenic Diet?

According to Wikipedia “a ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.”

This diet causes the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates.

Although being pescatarian narrowed some my options when it came to my protein source fish, shellfish and eggs are all excellent protein sources for this diet.

Here is a short list of seafood that can successfully help you met your protein macros.



Any type of fatty fish will do. Some great options are:

Salmon: Salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Each 100g of salmon contains 208 calories, 13g of fat and of 20g protein. I used fresh or can. Wild caught is always best.

Sardines: This has been a lifesaver. If you can get them fresh I am high key jealous. I get mines canned and find them to be very versatile. 100g of sardines contains 208 calories, 11g of fat and 25g protein. It’s also known to have very little contaminated so heavy metals tend to be less of an issue.

Tuna: Not high on the list with fat content at 5g per 100grams, 73 calories and 17g of protein. It can help add variety in your diet.

Mackerel: This niffy fish packs in about 305 calories per 100g, 25 grams of fat and 19 grams of protein. I get mines Canned.


This where it can get a little tricky. Most Shellfish are generally great on a Keto diet. Some do however have a small number of carbs and this should be taken into account when tracking macros to ensure that your body stays in ketosis (fat burning mode).

Lobster: 0.5 carbs per 100g Cooked.

Crabs: Between 0-3 carbs per 100g

Crayfish: 0.5 Carbs per 100g

Shrimp: 0.5 carbs per 100g

Clams, Oyster, and Mussels contains a bit of carbohydrate and should be monitored to fit into your daily carb allowance.

Welks: It is my option that weeks should be avoided cause it contains the most amount of carbs (15.5 per 100g) and better options are available.


I still consume eggs and this might be the most versatile protein source in the Keto diet. 100gram of the egg contains 13 grams of protein and 11 grams of fat which makes it ideal for the ketogenic diet. Have them scrambled in butter, coconut oil or boiled. It is sure to keep hunger away and help you reach your fat macros at the same time.

These are just a few of the pescatarian protein options that are available. These along with low carb vegetables, Healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil, butter, nuts, avocado, cheese) can help you lose weight and kickstart a healthy lifestyle.


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