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Black women are highly vulnerable to obesity.

There is a broad spectrum of factors contributing to obesity among African American women and women of African descent.  Chronic stress has been identified as the main causative factor to the obesity prevalence among black women.

Chronic stress causes a change in eating habits and thus, influencing weight increase among black women. Stress has impacts on the choices of meals as well as food patterns. As a result of anxiety among the black of women, they choose to take unhealthy snacks rather than healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.

The dietary habits of stressed black women are loaded with sweets, fats and salt which leads to obesity. When the caloric intake increases, it is reflected in the resultant weight increase (Moore-Greene et al., 2012). Therefore, a significant cause of obesity among black women is chronic stress.

The factors, occupational stress as well as personal stress are associated to obesity among black women. Most black women are also bound to cultural perspectives which leads to acceptance of the high weight among females (Whiteman, 2017).  The lack of exercise also compounds the issues leading to increased weight and eventually, obesity.

With these factors in mind black women being vulnerable to stress may benefit from self care and mindfulness in what they eat and how they take care of themselves. Exercise has been proven along with a caloric deficit to reduce weight and it also aids to reduce the physical and mental stresses laid on the body.


Moore-Greene, G. M., Gross, S. M., Silver, K. D., & Perrino, C. S. (2012). Chronic stress and decreased physical exercise: impact on weight for African American women. Ethnicity & disease, 22(2), 185–191. 

Whiteman, H. (2017, February 27). Chronic stress may raise obesity risk. Retrieved from



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